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Our business is producing and showcasing authentic and highly technical Chinese Martial Artistry; harnessing its emotive and raw power and transforming it to a wide range of visual mediums. These mediums include live performances, film and television productions, and engaging media content.

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Lion & Dragon Dance



We believe that our results are leading the way in the industry, because our expertise is based on extensive experience and practice. As opposed to theoretical understandings, our team lives and breathes Chinese martial arts and their expansive knowledge is based on our physical experiences and visceral senses. This expertise is combined with an extensive list of performance and production projects that have allowed us to translate these physical arts into media formats. Over many years, we have experimented using new and innovative ways with which to share Chinese martial arts and other cultural art forms. Our unrelenting passion is to share these unique art forms with the world through media.

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Our organisation is committed to constant improvement and self assessment. Our strengths rely on our ability to explore and adapt new methods, collaborate with a variety of organisations and use innovative techniques and thinking.

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